Ripping a disc

  • Launch MDRP
  • Insert the disc
  • Select the destination folder (if the default does not suit you)
  • Click rip

If you are having troubles, make sure the disc plays normally in DVDPlayer before trying to rip it: it is possible the region is not correctly set on your drive or the disc has a defect. Also, check the preferences for more options.

Playing a disc

  • If the ripped file ends with .iso, double-click it first to mount it
  • Launch DVDPlayer
  • Choose 'Open DVD media' from the 'File' menu
  • Select the VIDEO_TS folder in the mounted disc (if you had a .iso file), or select the .dvdmedia file otherwise
  • Click play

Burning a backup

  • Prepare the disc as indicated in the 'Ripping a disc' section
  • Select 'Full disc image and burn a copy'
  • Click rip
  • Insert a double-layer blank when asked to, and use the slowest burning speed to test first

Converting for iTunes, iPod, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc

Simply choose the 'Rip and convert' mode, then select the title and tracks you want.

Specific guides

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