How to copy a DVD to your iPhone

Copying a DVD from a DVD to your iPhone can be really simple.

Instead of forcing you to mess around with a thousand settings, Mac DVDRipper Pro makes it super easy. Put in the DVD, run the program, rip your film, and it will work just right.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Download Mac DVDRipper Pro from the official website. Try out our free demo or pay for the full version.

  2. When the program has finished downloading, open your Downloads folder and double-click on the MDRP ZIP file.

  3. Ta-da! The program should appear: Mac DVDRipper Pro - aka MDRP. Open MDRP by double-clicking on it.

  4. Your computer might remind you that this is "an application downloaded from the internet". That's fine. click Open.

  5. Insert the DVD you want on your iPhone. If it starts playing automatically, just press the escape key.

  6. Select the MDRP window, which should now list the DVD's title.

  7. Click on the "Destination:" button to choose where you want the converted movie file to go, before you send it to your iPhone. For example: Desktop.

  8. Click the pull-down menu that reads "All videos, menus and bonuses". Choose "Rip and convert". This configuration will rip the movie and convert it for your iPhone. (If you're planning to watch the movie on a bigger screen, like a MacBook or iMac, choose "Main movie only" instead.)

    NOTE: If you want to watch your movie on an old iPhone, from before 2010, you need to change a setting. Click on the "Mac DVDRipper Pro" menu at the top of the screen. Choose "Preferences..." Now click in the box beside "Support old iPhones and iPods (slight quality penalty)", so a little orange square appears.

  9. Click the "Rip" button, at the bottom of the window.

  10. Let Mac DVDRipper Pro run. The progress bar will keep you updated as the program copies the DVD movie and converts it for playing on your iPhone.

  11. When the conversion is finished, connect your iPhone to your computer.

  12. Use iTunes to bring up your iPhone's contents.

  13. Find your newly converted movie (wherever you specified in Step 7), and drag it into iTunes - right onto the iPhone icon. (Just like you would with any other iPhone song or movie.)

  14. When the movie is finished transferring, eject your iPhone. You should now be able to watch it!

We hope you found these instructions clear and you were able to copy your movie from a DVD to the iPhone. You can also use Mac DVDRipper Pro to burn an exact replica of a DVD, to rip its full disc image, to copy the menus and bonus features, or to convert the main film of a DVD for watching on your computer. For more details, visit our homepage.

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