How to convert a DVD to iTunes

Here are simple instructions for ripping a movie from a DVD and converting it so you can watch it in iTunes.

The converted film can also be transferred to iPhone, iPod or iPad. Don't worry - you don't need to mess around with tons of confusing settings and configurations. With Mac DVDRipper Pro, the process is fast and super straightforward.

Here's the How To guide:

  1. Download Mac DVDRipper Pro from our website. You can use the free demo for your first few DVDs, or just pay for the full version.

  2. When the program is done downloading, go find it in your Downloads folder. Double-click the MDRP ZIP file.

  3. The expanded Mac DVDRipper Pro app will now appear. Open MDRP by double-clicking the icon.

  4. A window might pop up, reminding you this is "an application downloaded from the internet". That's fine. Click Open.

  5. Go grab the DVD you want to copy to iTunes. Slip it into your computer. If the movie automatically begins to play, hit the escape key.

  6. Select the MDRP window, which should automatically show the DVD's title.

  7. Click the "Destination:" button and specify where you want to save the ripped movie file. For example, your Movies folder.

  8. Click on the pull-down menu that reads "All videos, menus and bonuses". Select "Rip and convert". This configuration will copy the movie to your computer and convert it for use with iTunes. You will also be able to transfer it to your iPod, iPhone or iPad, without any additional conversions.

  9. Click the "Rip" button.

  10. Now Mac DVDRipper Pro will do its stuff. You can follow on the progress bar as it rips the DVD and prepares the file for iTunes.

  11. When the progress bar completes, you're finished! Your newly copied movie is waiting wherever you specified in Step 7. You can drag it into iTunes just like you would any other song or movie file.

We hope you found it easy to follow these instructions for converting a DVD for iTunes using Mac DVDRipper Pro. This app can also be used to burn an exact replica of a DVD, to rip its full disc image, to copy the menus and bonus features, or for converting to iPad, iPhone or iPod. All the details, at the app itself, are at our website.

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