How to rip a DVD to your iPad

Here are simple and easy instructions for ripping a DVD movie to your iPad.

Instead of messing around with messy software and a million configuations, just use Mac DVDRipper Pro: a fast and elegant way to convert a film from DVD to iPad format.

Here's how:

  1. Download Mac DVDRipper Pro from the homepage. The free demo will work fine or else you can purchase the full version.

  2. When the program has finished downloading, go to your Downloads folder and double-click the MDRP ZIP file.

  3. The expanded app will now appear: Mac DVDRipper Pro - aka MDRP. Double-click on "MDRP" to launch the program.

  4. If your computer reminds you that this is "an application downloaded from the internet", that's fine. Click Open.

  5. Grab the DVD you want to watch and insert it into your computer. If the movie automatically begins playing, hit the ESC key.

  6. Go to the MDRP window, which will now list the DVD by its title.

  7. Click the "Destination:" button to choose where you want to save the movie file, before you send it to your iPad. For example, your Mac's Movies folder.

  8. Select the pull-down menu that reads "All videos, menus and bonuses". Choose "Rip and convert". This setting will rip the movie with the perfect configuration for watching on your iPad.

  9. Click the "Rip" button.

  10. Now Mac DVDRipper Pro will begin copying the DVD and converting it for iPad. You can follow its progress or click away while it runs.

  11. When the conversion is complete, connect the iPad to your computer.

  12. Launch iTunes and check that your iPad is connected.

  13. Locate your new, converted movie file (wherever you saved it in Step 7). Drag the file into iTunes - right onto your iPad icon.

  14. The movie will now get transferred over to your iPad. Eject it when it's done, and you're ready to watch fhe film!

We hope you liked these easy instructions for copying a movie from a DVD to your iPad. Mac DVDRipper Pro can also be used to convert a movie for iPod or iPhone, to back-up an entire DVD (including the menus and special features), or to rip a movie for watching on your computer. Check out all the details at our homepage.

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