This mode :
  • Keeps all menus and contents,
    including all audio and
    subtitles tracks
  • Can be played in DVDPlayer

Transfering a complete DVD to your Mac

Simply select the first ripping mode 'All menus, videos, and bonuses' or 'Full disc image', insert your DVD, and click 'Rip'.

MDRP will start copying the complete content of the DVD to your hard disk, while decrypting it on the fly. Using advanced analysis technique, and a built-in database of information for popular DVDs, rips are reliable and fast!

making a backup on a blank dvd

This mode :
  • Same characteristics
    as the first mode
  • The rip can be burned

Select the ripping mode 'Full disc image and burn a copy', insert the original DVD, then click 'Rip'.

Once MDRP has completed decrypting the original DVD, it will ask for a blank DVD. At this point, insert a double-layer blank DVD (those are cheap in bulk!), and MDRP will burn a backup that will play in your standalone DVD player.

You can burn the rip using the 'Burn disc image' menu item.

This mode :
  • save space by ripping
    only the main movie
  • save time by skipping the
    previews and warnings

keeping only
the main movie

Using the 'Main movie only' ripping mode, MDRP will strip out all previews and menus, so you can save space.

Watching your movie will also be faster, since you won't have to go through all the previews and warnings. You can decide in advance which audio and subtitle track will be enabled by default. If there are multiple titles of similar length, be sure to use the built-in player to navigate to and select the correct one. The audio and subtitles tracks you setup in the built-in player will be the one set in the rip.

Compressing on the fly for iTunes

Using 'Rip and convert', MDRP will compress the movie on the fly into the mpeg4 format,
using the advanced h264 video codec.

The resulting rip is much smaller than a simple decrypting while retain the same visual and audio quality. It can then be imported into iTunes, and transferred to your media player of choice. Depending on the speed of you computer, this could be just as fast as ripping the DVD without compressing it!


Can I remove region coding?

That is currently impossible and for some DVDs it would require modifying the DVD structure, so it is unlikely to be added.

Does Mac DVDRipper Pro handle Bluray discs?

No only DVDs.

How can I watch a disc image in Front Row or DVD Player?

Double-click the ISO file to mount it and point the application to the VIDEO_TS folder inside the newly displayed volume.

How can I downgrade to an older version ?

Simply download v1.6.4, v2.2.3, v3.4.2, v4.1.9, v5.0.8, v6.1.3, v7.2.1, v8.0.6, or v9.1.1. You can use the 5 free rips of v9.x to try the new features!