DVD rippers compared by user reviews

Where can I read reviews of the available DVD rippers?

MacUpdate is a good ressource to find user reviews of different DVD rippers.

Mac DVDRipper Pro (us!) has a 4 1/2 stars rating on it's product page. Typical review:

me-211: easy 5 stars. best non apple program (re lack of bugs and weird quits). also customer service that really beats anyone else. this team is good.

MacX DVDRipper Pro, which uses a misleading name to look like us, even uses ads to mimick us:

It has a 1 1/2 star rating on it's product page, and reviews are abysmal:

rrt1966: At first I thought this was a new version of Mac DVDRipper Pro with a different interface. But this is clearly an inferior ripoff with a name that is deliberately similar to confuse people. The Real Deal: "Mac DVDRipper Pro" (latest version is 5.0.5) This fake crap: "MacX DVD Ripper Pro" (Note that in the ripoff there is a "X" in "MacX" and "DVD Ripper" has a space and the better product does not have a space.) Get the better product here: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/31118/mac-dvdripper-pro I don't know why MacUpdate is doing a promo for a deliberate ripoff. It should be called "MacX DVD Ripoff Pro".

Then there's RipIt, which used to be good, but isn't anymore. Is has a 4 stars rating on it's product page. Example review:

Brightshade: Used to be very reliable, but version 1.6.9 crashed constantly and is unusable under Sierra.